Surviving Life: One Woman's Reflections

Living the good life. Attitude, gratitude, love-. Living in the "now"

Be in the know

The hell if I know! The one thing that I know for sure is that I'm consistent with being inconsistent. I've been meaning to blog for forever, I actually started one a while back ...only ...I lost my motivation and dropped it like a hot potatoe. Anyhoe, I'm going to try this thing again because I feel like I gat meaningful jizz to say. I'm going to entertain you ...because I'm surviving life one day at a time.


A bit about me: I'm a moody individual, I'm honestly a sweetheart (at my core, but like an onion, I've got many, many, many layers). I value authenticity. I'm a mother. I wanted to create this space for myself to process my thoughts and feelings. I hope that you also find enjoyment here.

Circa 2014